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PATH program
Save The Michaels

PATH Program

What if you can’t bring the man to the mountain?

We try and bring the mountain to the man, right?


The Niagara County P.A.T.H. team attempts to do exactly that.  Presenting Alternatives to Treatment & Healing, or P.A.T.H. for short, has partnered with Save the Michaels of the World as we continue to address the collateral damage associated with Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  We specialize in engaging with individuals IN THEIR environment, not the safety of our office settings.  For three years P.A.T.H.  has focused on finding (this means going to ANY length and place possible) and supporting individuals who very recently, have experienced an overdose event.  P.A.T.H. also engages with individuals referred to by local authorities, possibly in need of diversion from a bad situation.  Because of the program’s success, the P.AT.H. team has expanded services into probation, community referrals and most recently, follow ups with families that have been directly affected by a loved ones’ unhealthy relationship to substances.  And…there is more growth and development on the way!

At P.A.T.H., “Our office is the street…and we are always in our office.”